Slovakia / Austria, borderstones III 1-100

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Borderstones III 91 - 100
The border slaloms along the edge of Petrzalka, a suburb of Bratislava. It crosses the rail line between Vienna and Bratislava.
Then it seems that the road is on the border.

Borderstone III-91
On this friendly summer day people are walking here. Shortly after the border the village Petrzalka starts, which is actually a suburb of Bratilava.
Here the border crosses a small road between Kittsee (AT) and Petrzalka (SK), called Preßburger Straße.
Close to this stone, I found a fake-borderstone.It was a loose stone, not fixed. Strange...

III-92 20140827 Borderstone III-92
Hidden in the grass along the Preßburger Straße. Here the border makes an angle.

III-93 20140827 Borderstone III-93
Strange enough this stone is again on the other side of the road. In summer hard to find.

III-94 20140827 Borderstone III-94
Again the border crosses the street. It makes an angle here and follows the road over the tracks.

Borderstone III-94a
... and then there is also a 94a. It's left of the road that crosses the tracks.

III-95 20150309 Borderstone III-95
During my summertrip I was not able to find it. In March 2015 it was easy again. It's located just in front of the railroad crossing.

III-96 20140827 Borderstone III-96
Just over the rail-crossing.

Borderstone III-97a
Borderstone 97 I couldn't find neither in summer, nor in summer. On the left side of the road I found 97a. On the opposite side of the road there is 98.

III-98 20140827 Borderstone III-98
On the right side of the road, just a few meters from the 97a.

III-99 20140827 Borderstone III-99
Again on the left side of the road.
The pair numbers are here on the right side, the unpair numbers on the left side.
It's not claer in which territory this road is.

III-100 20140827 Borderstone III-100
Heavily damaged.

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