Slovakia / Austria, borderstones III 1-100

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Grensstenen III 71 - 80
After almost 20 stones in double on bothe sides of the border-didge, now comes an easier part.

Borderstones III-71
...but no easy part yet. The thickets are so hard to enter here in summer, that I couldn't find one of these two stones.
In March 2015 however, it was a piece of cake!

Borderstones III-72
I did find these in August 2014, but the pictures were rather poor. Everything surroundend by green. The winter pictures of this pair are a lot better.
Here the didge ends, here also ends the regime of one marker on both sides of the border. Lucky me.
The border goes 90 degrees south in the direction of Kittsee.
Borderstone III-72 area
In winter the area was nicely weeded. The border is kept open as a firetrack! On the background you can recognise borderstones 73.
Move the mouse over the picture to see the borderline. The border comes from the right in the didge and goes up to borderstone 73.

Borderstone III-73 and 74
Bot not found during my August trip. I searched for half an hour, came back a week later but without result.
In March I had more luck. I found them in no time and it seemed that both stones are only a few meters from borderstone 72 on Austrian side!

III-75 20140827 Borderstone III-75
Here the border goes prallel along a small road.

III-76 20140827 Borderstone III-76
Along the same road. On the ground there is a stone marked 76-a. No idea where that comes from...

III-77 20140827 Borderstone III-77 and 78
Like 73 and 74 very close to each other. Here the border makes an angle to the left. The (Slovakian) road is following.

III-78 20140827 Borderstone III-78
The border goes right across the acre.

III-79 20140827 Borderstone III-79
Some hunderd meter ahead I found this III-79.

III-80 20140827 Borderstone III-80
... and this 80.

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