Slovakia / Austria, borderstones III 1-100

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Grensstenen III 11 - 20
Going south in the direction of the highway. Still in the floodplain of the Danube.

III-11 20140407 Borderstone III-11
This one is covered with a little film of clay.

III-12 20140407 Borderstone III-12
Again a big one. Here I found also an old borderstone. It's partly damaged, the inscriptions are not readable anymore.

III-13 20140407 Borderstone III-13
It's easy here to follw the border because of its 'firebreak-concept'.

III-14 20140407 Borderstone III-14
After some cleaning the number III 14 appears.

III-15 20140407 Borderstone III-15

III-16 20140407 Borderstone III-16
The border makes an angle here and leaves the wood for a while. It now follows the edge of an acre.

III-17 20140407 Borderstone III-17
Between wood and acre.

III-18 20140407
Borderstone III-18
Here the border makes again an angle to the South. It looks like the border follows a didge, but that's not true. Again a kind of firebreak.

III-19 20140407 Borderstone III-19
The area get uneasy to access.

III-20 20140407 Borderstone III-20
Again some mud on the border stone.

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